Nail Treatments

 Fibreglass Nail Extensions
These beautiful fibreglass nail extensions are lightweight, natural looking and easy to wear. Ideally suited to most nail types including sensitive nails. Infills are recommended every two weeks.

French/American Manicure
A classic 'fresh look' polish using natural nail or extension tips from cream to bright white.  Just add to the treatment of your choice.

Gel Nail Extensions
IBD Gel System creates beautiful extensions with strength. Can also be used as overlay on a natural nail.

Gel Polish
We use 'Gelcolor' by OPI and IBD Just Gel offering the following benefits: Lasting up to 3 weeks with no chipping. Adds strength to natural nails. No damage to natural nails. Easy to remove. Instantly dry when treatment is complete. Great range of colours. This is a dry treatment and includes shaping, cuticle tidy, polish and short massage.

Natural Nail Wraps
The fibreglass and gel system is used to create strength using the length of your natural nails. Making a strong and flexible nail with no damage. Infils are recommended every two weeks.

Extension Removal & Manicure
A fast and easy procedure for removing all nail extension systems using an acetone product. Including a re-moisturisation treatment for the natural nail, file & polish.

Paraffin Wax Treatment
Paraffin Wax therapy for hands or feet is one of the most effective ways of applying heat to reduce swelling in muscles, decrease inflammation of joints and connective tissues, soothe pain from ‘arthritis’ and improve circulation. A truly luxurious and relaxing treatment.

Luxury Manicure
The luxury manicure is a revitalising treatment for the nails & hands. Providing individually prescriptive treatment giving restorative benefits. To help  regeneratie and stimulate circulation, encouraging nail growth. Including shaping, cuticle work, exfoliation, oil, deep massage & polish.

An intense moisture therapy for the feet. Gentle and relaxing with essential oils making the feet feel refreshed, soothed and revitalised. Including file, cuticle work, dry skin removal, re-moisturisation, massage and polish.

Shape & Polish
Just as it says. A simple treat to shape the nails adding a glossy polish.

Nail Art - Hands or Toes
Full range of beautiful hand-painted designs for the hands or toes with a great choice of colours and glitters. Including rhinestones in various colours if desired. Make your own stunning effects.